Unpublished Plays

I have a number of plays which I am working on. Please contact me for any information about these at philm1310@gmail.com.

Attempted Murder Party

Attempted Murder Party by Phil Mansell

2 Acts; 4m, 7f ; Comedy Drama.

Trying to create your own murder mystery party from scratch is no easy matter. But it’s a nightmare when your best friend is an amateur ventriloquist, your mother-in-law is slightly batty and your wife is on the verge of running away with her best friend’s husband.

Transylvanian Red (currently awaiting publication by Stage Scripts)

Transylvanian Red promo image 2

2 Acts; 2f 2m; Comedy Drama.

When happily married couple Will and Cathy entertain Felix, a neurotic friend who wants to introduce them to the latest in a long line of unsuitable girlfriends, they know the evening will probably not go well. Especially as this one, Lucrezia, a mature student who creates weird works of conceptual art, drives a car that falls apart en route. When she finally arrives, bringing with her an abandoned supermarket trolley and assorted traffic cones for her latest masterpiece, she makes it clear that she fancies the Will as much as she likes gulping down the Transylvanian red wine.  Felix, meanwhile, realises that more than ever, he is in love with the Cathy.

Suspicious Circumstances

samantha + poison

2 Acts; 3f 3m; Drama

After 22 years gadding about the world, an artist returns to show off his new wife to his family. There are two questions on everyone’s lips. Does she know how his first wife, Samantha, died – and was he responsible for her death? Meanwhile the matriarch of the family warns everyone: don’t mention Samantha – or the swimming pool.

Look Out – He’s Got A Gun!

Look Out cover art

1 Act; 5f 9m 2non-speaking; Comedy

Scotland Yard are baffled. What’s the link between the Purple Cockatoo nightclub and a ring of white slavers who are abducting jolly nice gals? A fast-moving and light-hearted homage to the radio serials and British B-movies of the 1940s and early ‘50s, where the stiff upper lips of amateur sleuths won the day and beat the most dastardly of villains.

The Musical Cage


2 Acts; 3f 7m; Comedy Drama

Everyone agrees Ken is a “really nice bloke”. But he reaches breaking point when his nagging wife tells him to get rid of his budgie, Colin. So he kills her – on the very day that hanging is re-introduced for murder. He ends up in the condemned cell with a guard who has fallen in love with him, an undercover reporter, an exotic dancer and a sick budgie with a hangover. Will he escape to Patagonia – or do the decent thing and be hanged by the neck until dead?