Phil Mansell Plays

Here you’ll find information about all of my plays, many of which were previously published by Silvermoon and are now available via Stage Scripts.

Theatre groups, both amateur and professional, should visit Stage Scripts for perusal copies  of my plays and information about performance rights. For details of my as yet unpublished plays please click here.

I’ll be adding more of my plays in due course. Please note, plays maked with * were available to buy from Amazon (Just click on this link).

According to Claudia*  (Drama, Full, 4f 3m)

Wedded Blitz  (Drama, Full, 2f, 3m)

Poor Yorick*  (Comedy, One Act, 2f, 3m)

Bunkered* (Comedy, One Act, 2f, 3m)

A Clandestine Operation* (Drama, One Act, 2f, 2m)

Caddying for Godot* (Drama, One Act, 4 interchangeable)

The Seventh Suitcase (Drama, One Act, 2f, 4m)

Bats (Comedy-Drama, One Act, 3f, 3m)

Transylvanian Red (Comedy-Drama, 2f, 2m)

Look Out – He’s Got A Gun! (Spoof Thriller Crime Comedy), 3-5 f, 7-10m (with doubling)